Michelin Tyres

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Tyre Basics

Tyre Markings

Direction of rotation for rear tyre . Indicated by an arrow
Tyre size , construction ,lord index , speed rating . See "How to read tyre size" for detail.
The tyre's model name.
Tyre manufacturer

How to Read Tyre Size

Example1: 110 / 70 ZR 17 M/C (54W) TL

Example2: 130 / 90 -18 69 R TT

Example3: 2.75 -21 45 L TT

Example4: M T 90 B 16 74 H TL/TTv

Speed Rating & Load Index

This code, when present, appears after the size marking. The code comprises three characters: two numbers and a letter, for example, 67H.The two-digit number is a code for the maximum load carrying capacity of the tire. The letter is a maximum speed rating indicating the maximum speed at which the tire may be used with maximum load when the maximum listed inflation pressure is used. Note: Michelin does not recommend or endorse exceeding the safe, legal speed limit.