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Michelin street radial in action

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Vikram and Hari, members of Trails Of India had to say after a road test of the Pilot Road 4

Added longevity, enhanced wet grip, maximum safety, along with qualities of a bias-ply tyre and the performance of a radial tyre – if you’re asking for more for your sports-tourer, Pilot Road 4 tyres pack it all in. A recent offering from the Michelin stable, Road 4 is a one up on the Michelin Pilot Road 3 and is available in the Standard, GT, and Trail variants.

The Pilot Road 4 uses 2CT Dual Compound Technology as does Michelin Road 3, however, in the front tyre, harder tread compounds are concentrated in the centre while the shoulders boast softer tread compounds, lending it a sportier profile. Tyres to be fitted to the rear end of the motorbike combine a hard centre and medium shoulders.

To come out with flying colours in testing waters, Michelin has also upgraded its XST tread design to the XST+ pattern which uses sipes and wells to drain water and move ahead safely. This is an upgrade on its own X-sipe Technology and slows the wearing down of the tyre due to repeated braking. It also provides optimum grip at lean angles.

Pilot Road 4, representatives at Michelin claim, stops 17 per cent shorter from 31 mph to 0 mph, lasts 20 per cent longer than the Pilot Road 3, has a 90 degree operating range – which essentially means that these tyres function normally at temperatures ranging from 23 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here’s what Vikram and Hari, members of Trails Of India had to say after a road test of the Pilot Road 4 -

Pilot Road 4 being a multiple compound tyre is very suitable for Indian riders and roads. The centre compound seems to be built quite tough and thus is less prone to flattening out as compared to other tyres. The compound on the sides or shoulders seems pliable enough for sufficient grip through the corners.

Though the centre compound is a bit too hard for putting the power down on Supersport 1000 motorbikes, it feels more suited for mile munchers like the Multistrada, Versys 1000, BMW K1300 and bikes of that sort. The side compound is extremely ‘grippy’ and feels comfortable at most lean angles on the bike. We are yet to test the wet weather grip of the tyre but I’m sure it’ll do great in that arena too, considering its ample thread!

One needs to remember this is a touring tyre and treat it so. It is ideal for the purpose for which it has been designed. Excellent mileage and all weather grip is what makes the Pilot Road 4 quite outstanding.